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Thomas Edison State College is dedicated to providing flexible, high-quality collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults, wherever they live or work. It is because of you that the College is able to create these opportunities for others who are just starting their academic journey.

Public funding levels are currently at an all-time low for colleges and universities throughout the State of New Jersey. Support from our donors is critical to ensuring that Thomas Edison State College can continue to establish new courses and expand existing programs to meet the needs of its students.

Annual giving is one vital way you can support the College. Your gift will help us:

  • Keep tuition affordable
  • Expand online courses and degree programs
  • Improve the Thomas Edison State College experience through advanced technology and student services

Donor support allows current students to experience the same satisfaction you felt after completing your degree at the only institution flexible enough to fit your schedule and your circumstances.

The combined effect of your gifts with those of other alumni has the ability to truly fulfill dreams.